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SkyBlock Release | v1.0B
Kho • January 30

We are happy to release our long awaited SkyBlock gamemode! SkyBlock is a gamemode where you spawn in an island with very limit resources, and must survive your way to the top.

Gather resources, mine in dangerous mines, fight bosses, compete in a grindy economy, build a team, and make it to the top! It's all in your hands.

To celebrate this release, we want to start off by having a 50% sale for all SkyBlock ranks. This is for only a limited time so get it now before it's gone...

New Forums
Tact • December 30, 2020

Hello all,

Though the announcement said this was to be completely finished about a month ago, it has taken much longer. However, we have managed to finally get this new forums done by the end of the year. Now, you will be able to register new forum accounts and fill out applications and appeals. You may have some questions as to what things have changed since our last forums started working. Many changes have occurred, so please read the FAQ below....

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