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  1. Kho

    Announcement February Top Voters

    We congratulate the voters below for their support: 1st - 2005Matt123 (111 Votes) - $30 Store Credit 2nd - HUMAN_HOTDOG (107 Votes) - $20 Store Credit 3rd - anewboii (89 Votes) - $10 Store Credit We're really grateful that you guys keep voting for the server. To claim your reward on a store...
  2. Kho

    Announcement Emma v4.0 | Major Anticheat Update

    It has been a long awaited update to improve our anticheat. So we did! Previously, our anticheat had many false positives and false bans, and we had removed it for quite a while (without telling any of yall). Now it is back, and it's better! Here are some things to know: How does it works...
  3. Kho

    Kho's Bug Report

    Give us a detailed description of the bug: Test Images/Videos of the aforementioned bug:
  4. Kho

    Announcement SkyBlock Release | v1.0B

    We are happy to release our long awaited SkyBlock gamemode! SkyBlock is a gamemode where you spawn in an island with very limit resources, and must survive your way to the top. Gather resources, mine in dangerous mines, fight bosses, compete in a grindy economy, build a team, and make it to the...
  5. Kho

    Staff Tournament?

    Jesus why ;-;
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  7. Kho

    STop being FIRST my guy

    Should I consider this spam?
  8. Kho

    He is staff...

    He is staff...
  9. Kho


    Boy you need to chill...
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    Actually, I was the first one with a post called Test but deleted it. Though in all seriousness, Tact is first.