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  1. Tact

    Important Staff Application - Guidelines & Requirements

    The following states the requirements for applying for staff on SolusMC. Please note that if you are denied, you must wait for at least 2 weeks until reapplying. Failure to comply with this will result in a permanent denial of any kind of application you ever will submit in the future. Step 1...
  2. Tact

    Announcement New Forums

    Hello all, Though the announcement said this was to be completely finished about a month ago, it has taken much longer. However, we have managed to finally get this new forums done by the end of the year. Now, you will be able to register new forum accounts and fill out applications and...
  3. Tact

    Important Allowed Mods/Clients/Launchers

    If you feel any mod, client, or launcher should be added to the list, please message a staff member so we can add it. Please assume that any mod/client/launcher not listed below is NOT allowed! 1.7 Animations Mod 5Zig Armor Status HUDs BatMod Batty's Coordinates BetterFPS BetterSprint...